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DIY/Custom Painting and Specialty Products


We offer a variety of information, tools and supplies for the DIY painters and those requiring products for specialty or custom applications. We have everything from aerosol spray paints and clearcoats, to pinstriping and lettering enamels. Whether you're a sign painter, a classic car restorer or a custom bike builder, we have the quality products and relevant knowledge you need to help you complete your project quickly, easily, and affordably.

Lil' Daddy Roth aersol spray paints, flakes and pearls for automotive or specialty application

With Lil' Daddy Roth's aersol paint cans you can create stunning custom color combinations without the added cost and knowledge required to use a professional paint gun. Roth's aerosols contain base colors and colored pearls and flakes which can be layered on top of eachother to create sleak vibrant candy colors or dark chunky metallics. Also available are all-in-one "Vunderbombs" which contain the more popular base colors, pearls, and flakes in a single can. Lil Daddy Roth's Dry Flake is also available for mixing in clears and other mixed paints.


Roth spray-paint cans contain high quality enamel paints designed for automotive application and can be candied, cleared, and buffed just like traditional automotive paint.


To learn more, call or come by our retail store today!

Rust Prevention and Treatment Solutions from Por15 and IES

We carry Por15, the industry standard for rust treatment and prevention, as well as the newer and more cost effective alternatives from International Epoxies and Sealers. These products make it easy to completely rust proof any metal or to clean, repair and seal metals with existing rust damage.


Call or come by our shop to discuss your rust problem and learn about our solutions.

House of Kolor
The O.G. of Custom Car Painting

House of Kolor has been the premier manufacturer of custom car paint since the emergence of the custom car culture in the 1970s. Since joining Valspar in 1996, House of Kolor has continued to refine their system to make it easier to use for even the novice painter.


Now, as the North Bay's only direct Valspar distributor, we can offer you the best pricing on this premium line of custom paints and we can mix any quantity (from 4 ounces up) of any formula you want so you get the exact amount you need to complete your project. No more wasted supplies, no more wasted time, and no more wasted money!


Click here to learn more about House of Kolor's premium custom car paints and other products.

1-Shot Striping and Lettering Enamels and Mac Brushes for Sign Painters

They say that sign painters only get one shot to get it right, and that's why there is 1-Shot, the striping and lettering enamel of choice for sign painters. 1-Shot is the most durable, consistent and vibrant painting enamel on the market which is why it's been the industry leader for over 60 years. We stock 1-Shot's Painting Enamels in all of their colors and we have a wide variety of brushes to ensure you get the results you want on your first shot!

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