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LIC Brand Industrial Finishes


LIC Industrial Finishes are catalyzed extra strength coatings developed for use in the most demanding environments. These are easy to use, high performance products designed to provide the maximum protection from abrasion, corrosion and chemicals. Despite their enhanced durability, these products are still simple to use and easy to apply so you can complete your jobs quickly and efficiently. We can mix any volume you need and match any custom or factory OEM color.

Low Gloss Binder

The LIC43 Low Gloss Binder allows us to mix up matte and semi-gloss paints while still getting the durability of an industrial coating. Though this is a great binder, it's not BAAMQ compliant due to its high VOC content so it cannot be sprayed inside the Bay Area Air Management Quality District.

Low-VOC Binder

The LIC50 Low VOC Binder was developed to provide the same durability and ease of use as LIC's standard Polyurethane binder but with a reduced VOC content so it is legal everywhere in California. This binder provides a high level of glass and color depth in a maximum durability industrial strength binder.

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